Easton Place


Color Palette: Sunrise/Sunset


On July 1, 2014 at roughly 6:30 in the evening, Matthew and I lifted off from JFK International, on Aer Lingus, and headed to Ireland. Here in the US the sun was still rather high in the sky, but it was preparing for its evening ritual of setting in the west. The interesting thing about flying to Ireland, at that time of day, is that the sky doesn't actually become completely dark. So as we were saying goodnight to our sun, heading east toward northern Europe, it was a virtual race to see who would make it to Ireland first... our flight or the sun? It was the sun, of course, who was waiting for us when we landed at Shannon International. But along the way, I captured this photo from my window on the plane. It was a magical sky. I just had to pull a color palette from it. How could I not? I hope you enjoy it.

sunrise-sunset-color-palette by Easton Place Design Studio