Easton Place

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My name is Patti, and I'm the curator of this sweet studio. Here's a bit about me... I'm a Purdue University graduate, former education director, now wife, mother of two and tennis fanatic. I adore typography as well as sweet illustrations, photography, travel and design. I do my best to enjoy a lovely cup of Irish tea, listen to music, and have a little play time with Molly Mousse (our Whoodle) everyday. When I'm not in my studio you can find me in my kitchen making vegan goodies, or traveling. I use to be a midwest girl, but now live, play and work in New England.

Design is life, and I share that part of my life with you here at Easton Place. If you're hoping to find creative inspiration for your business, home or self, you're in the right place. 

Thank you for visiting Easton Place.