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Instagram Spotlight no.4


Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share three new Instagram accounts with you today. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the inspiration, travel, food and beauty found on Instagram. Whether it's seeing the world through a frequent traveler, finding a beautiful photo style to inspire your next shoot, or simply finding something new to make for dinner, there's so much to see on Instagram. 

My first share today is the account jade_melissa curated by Jade Sheldon-Burnsed, a Portland based artist. I absolutely love her style. Her Instagram is filled with delicious coffee and treats as well as beautiful flowers and some of her artwork. And be sure to check out her Tumblr for more gorgeous photos!

instagram spotlight no 4 Jade Melissa

I discovered the next feature while looking through Jade's Instagram account! That would be the delicious account of linda_lomelino. She bakes and photographs the most beautiful sweets I've seen. She has three books out already, and you can read all about them and get her recipes on her website Call Me Cupcake.

Today's final featured Instagram account belongs to wedding venue expert, Marianne of riveroakscharleston. Even if you're not one to "oo and ah" over other people's wedding photos, you'll still find so much inspiration from this account. Floral design, interior decor, travel, sweet treats, this site is a feast for the eyes. You can find out more about Marianne and her talents on the website.

Please be sure to visit and follow today's three featured Instagram accounts, and tell them I sent you. If you're not already following me on Instagram, click here to go to my page

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any Instagram accounts you think I should follow, leave a comment below and a link. Thanks so much. Have a lovely week!






Instagram Spotlight no.3


Hi friends! Instagram Spotlight no.3 is here featuring an interior designer, a prop stylist, and a food and lifestyle photographer. All three have gorgeous photos with inspiration in each frame. Please give them a look and a follow! Be sure to let me know of any Instagram accounts you think I should be following or even featuring here! And if you've not done so already, follow me on Instagram.



Instagram Spotlight no.2


This week's Instagram Spotlight showcases one of my online friends, Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (abcddesigns), who has impeccable taste. She shares her love of flowers, food, home decor and her very handsome American Standard Poodle, Tauren. Amy and her husband have just closed on a new stone house so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she shares of the renovations!

abcddesigns instagram feature on Easton Place Design Studio Journal

The second Instagram account showcased is another "NatGeo" site, NatGeoTravel. Their recent shot of Scotland took my breath away. I can hardly wait to visit!

natgeotravel instagram feature on Easton Place Design Studio

And this week's third feature is Ben Hole (benjaminhole). His photos show the beauty in farming via the English countryside. Cows, pigs, dogs and that gorgeous country backdrop make for dreamy images. 

benjamin hole instagram feature on Easton Place Design Studio

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and give these accounts a follow.


Instagram Spotlight no.1


One of my favorite social media sites is Instagram. I post at least one photo nearly everyday. It's a great way to share the personal side of Easton Place Design Studio. It's also a wonderful place to find inspiration. I'm starting a new weekly feature, here in my Journal, highlighting 2 or 3 Instagram accounts that I find inspiring. Accounts will range in size of followers, but I think all of them will give you a bit of inspiration with their images. If you've not already followed my Instagram account, please do! Perhaps you'll want to follow these first three accounts I'm showcasing as well. (This is not an endorsement post. I just like sharing beauty when I see it.)