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New Year, New Wallpaper


Hello, friend! Welcome to the second week of a new month, and in fact a new year. 2017 has arrived with incredible world events happening. I'll not get political, too much. There's a quote I love which is attributed to JFK, but it really originated with Hillel. It goes like this...

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?
— Hillel

I love this quote. It can take on so many different meanings, and indeed the scholars have discussed for many generations the meaning and origin from this quote. For me, today, in the current world we're living, I think it's saying "take care of yourself", "stand up for yourself"! It could also just be a cry to action. So with a new year here, I'm guessing many of my readers have big plans for eating healthier, exercising more, volunteering regularly, giving back, focusing on new work goals and so on... if not now, when? It's 2017. Everyday is an opportunity to "do" what your personal call to action is! So I designed this month's wallpaper to give you a daily reminder to take care of you now! Work on your goals now! Be a better you, now! 

As always, just click on link below the image to go to your free downloadable file. And if you wish to share this wallpaper, please give credit back to me. Thank you so much. Cheers to a wonderful 2017!

Click on here to be directed to your free downloadable file. Enjoy!