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Lemon Curd Mousse... Served Three Ways

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My husband and I had a party a few weeks ago. We get together with three other couples every few months. We each take turns hosting and everyone brings a dish. It's a lot of fun! Usually the host couple provides the main dish and appetizers. I prepared slow-cooker BBQ ribs as well as fish tacos. Both were a hit and as I'm typing this, I'm really wishing I had some of each dish! Anyway... I also wanted to make a dessert. At Passover my sister-in-law prepared an amazing lemon curd tart. Instead of the traditional flour-based crust, she used coconut macaroons! Such a brilliant idea. So with that in mind I decided to try my hand at making mini tarts filled with a lemon curd mousse. You can find the recipe for coconut macaroons


.  Of course you can purchase the cookies as well if you're in a hurry, but they're not difficult to make.

Speaking of purchasing ready made, I found a jarred lemon curd at Whole Foods and I'm crazy for it. For this recipe, I chose to use a prepared lemon curd. If you scour Pinterest, I'm sure you can find an easy recipe for homemade lemon curd.

I like both brands, but I find the Thursday Cottage brand to have more flavor.

One thing I almost never buy ready-made: Whipped Cream. Using just a touch of sugar and real Madagascar vanilla is key!

For this recipe, little to no sugar is needed as the curd is quite sweet. Whip until firm.

2 parts whipped cream to 1 part lemon curd

Refrigerate the lemon curd mousse for 30 minutes before serving.

First Option: Fill macaroon cup with mousse and top with berries.

Second option: Top a bowl of berries with a dollop of lemon curd mousse and fresh coconut.

Third Option: Fill a bowl with the lemon curd mousse and top with fresh berries and shredded coconut.

It's an easy dessert to make and ideal for those who are gluten-free! Give it a try. Be warned... You'll want to make it often. It's sooooo delicious!



PS. This would be a great dessert to take to a summer party.

Easton Place Lemon Recipe Cards

would be a lovely hostess gift to accompany them!