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Wish List: Dreamy Doors

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As part of our "WunderReno" project, we've decided to replace all the doors in our home, including the patio french door and the front entrance. While the patio door has been successfully replaced, the front door is probably going to be put on next year's home improvements list. The interior doors are now being switched out for solid doors. Our home came with hollow-core doors meant to look like a solid door. While on the outside they had the classic colonial styling I like, the inside was empty. This is an especially poor choice for doors which are suppose to offer privacy, like in the case of bedrooms and bathrooms. I put together a collection of doors on my

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. Below, I've pulled some of my favorites. Please visit my

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for links.

while we do have raised panels and a french door, neither look this grand... dreamy!

grand main entrance doors with plenty of glass!

we don't currently have a mudroom, but if we did... Dutch Door for sure!

Once our doors are installed, I'll post photos. Until then, I'll be dreaming about these lovelies!