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Travel Tuesday: French Market Finds

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Perhaps the best part of our French apartment, was its location and the fact it had grand windows which opened wide into the room. This bonus was most appreciated on Sunday and Thursday... otherwise known as the Market Days! I will admit, on the arrival of our first day experiencing the town's market, I was not completely thrilled with the noise that started at roughly 5:00 a.m. The first thing I recall was the sound of large trucks and the clanging of metal tools. When I cracked open the interior, wooden shutters to see what was making so much noise, I was shocked by how many people were already in the square at such an early hour. My husband quickly grabbed his phone and set up a time laps video to catch all the action. I've tried to include that footage here, but haven't figured it out just yet. When I do I'll add it to this post. It's great fun to watch all the action in high-speed! Until then, you'll at least get a good idea of the grandness of the market by viewing my still shots.

The red market umbrellas were just outside our apartment window! Table after table of fresh veggies. The French milled soaps were incredibly fragrant.

Flowers, flowers, flowers... and linens as far as the eye could see! So many hues of lavender and red.

We saw everything from rotisserie chicken (best I've ever eaten... for breakfast none the less!), to soaps, olives of every color, cheeses galore, the freshest of fruits and veggies, gorgeous linens, and of course stand after stand of beautiful flowers! There were antique knobs and pulls, second-hand clothes as well as new, hand-crafted wooden toys, aprons... everything imaginable was set up in tents or on tables and benches throughout the village! That first morning we had a funny breakfast of paella, rotisserie chicken, fruits, cheeses and salad. Everything was gathered just outside our apartment building. It was delicious! The rest of the morning we happily sat with full bellies on our antique daybed, watching the people, listening to the street music and feeling near giddy with this dream we were living at the moment. Around noon we decided to head out and explore all the vendors we couldn't see from our flat. What a wonderful way to spend a day. 

Not our usual breakfast, but perhaps our most delicious! Everything was found in the market. The smells were intoxicating and the flavors were heavenly!

I hope you enjoyed visiting the market with me today on Travel Tuesday! Next week we venture out to the neighboring villages of Aix-en-Provence, Lacoste, and a few other provincial towns. Au revoir!