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Inspired By My Clients


I realize I've been a bit MIA on here lately. It's because of the many exciting design projects happening in the studio. I will be showing you specifics as soon as I can. I promise, it's worth the wait! 

I am truly inspired by the diversity and work ethics of my clients. So many "get it done" people, expanding and marketing their businesses, or starting new ventures! I'm thrilled that I get to be a little part of all the excitement and positive energy! Lately I've been working with a realtor, a restauranteur,  a couple entrepreneurs, an author, a baker, a few bloggers... talented, devoted, hard-working people who are Getting It Done!! 

Click HERE  to get your free hi-res png for printing

Click HERE to get your free hi-res png for printing

With all of this excitement and positivity bouncing around the studio, I couldn't help but share a little of it with my readers, friends and family here in my journal. I've created a free printable so you, too, can be reminded to "Get It Done!".  You can either print it out on classic white paper or card stock, or use a fun scrapbook paper! Frame it or tack it up on your inspiration board. Maybe you know someone who needs a little encouragement. Go ahead and print a copy for them as well! 

I've got to get back to designing. I hope you're having an awesome week!

Cheers, -Patti