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Branding Client Reveal: CafeTerraBlog


Goooooooood day, everyone! How are you doing this fine March day? I took a bit of a break from blogging in February. Sometimes life gets busy, work gets busy. And sometimes you just decide to take a break. A bit of all of those things were my February. I'm back now, and I am SO excited to show you my latest branding client: CafeTerraBlog.

Terra is a lady of many talents! She's a blogger, a foodie, and an author. I design the book covers for Terra's other self, Author Terra Kelly. I've been working with Terra for a little over a year. And from the beginning, she and I just hit it off. We've known each other online for several years via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram ... the usual places. I was so excited when Terra asked me to create a new logo for her blog, which she wanted redesigned. As a side note, I was thrilled to refer Terra to a web design team here in Connecticut, Jen and Steve of Moonlight Website Design. Moonlight did a great job!

Terra wanted a logo that would combine her two work loves: writing books and food! And I believe I've given her exactly that! I love the end results, but more importantly, Terra loves her new logo. 

CafeTerraBlog logo by Easton Place

I was also asked to design various web elements: social media buttons, link markers etc. How fun are these veggie social buttons? I adore them!

CafeTerraBlog social media buttons by Easton Place

And to finish off the package, I designed link markers in keeping with the garden theme.

CafeTerraBlog garden signs by Easton Place

So all of these elements have come together on the CafeTerraBlog and they look like this...

I absolutely love designing a logo and elements for a client, and then knowing it's exactly what the client wanted... hardly a better feeling of accomplishment! I loved working with Terra, and you'll love reading her blog and books! Head over to CafeTerraBlog and say hello.

If you are looking for a new logo or web elements, or any other design needs for your website or business, please contact me so we can discuss collaborating! I'm currently booking for April.