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The Promise of Spring

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For so many of us, Winter overstayed her welcome. I have friends in the northern parts of the US, and they're still living in a snow globe world. As I look outside and see the beginning signs of Spring, I can't help but wonder when the trees will be blooming. They seem so far from showing their pink and white blossoms as they stand at the ready with their tiny crimson buds.

I decided to look at last year's blossom photos to remind me exactly when I can expect to see the blooms again. The first photo below was taken April 28, 2013. I am giddy at the thought that in roughly 10 days from now, the trees will be full with green leaves and delicate white flowers! Ten. More. Days.  I can wait. I can believe in the promise of Spring. For many celebrating Passover or Easter, this is truly a season of promises... of hope... of faith... of renewal. If you're celebrating this season, I wish for you a meaningful holiday.

one of our bradford pear trees: April 28, 2013
our garden: May 2, 2013
Happy Spring, friends!