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City Mouse for the Day

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My niece and her boyfriend have been visiting this past week. It's been such a wonderful visit. They're heading back to college tomorrow so we topped off their vacation with a trip into New York City. I'm not going to lie... I'm exhausted! We walked the entire day. It was so worth it though, especially with the weather as amazing as it was today! The sun was warm, the sky was the perfect color of blue, trees were showing their buds and Central Park was perfection. I loved seeing the miniature sailboats on the pond (which immediately reminded me of "Stuart Little" by E.B. White). I love hearing all the different languages being spoken as we walked along the city streets. The smell of sweet roasted nuts on nearly every corner was deliciously intoxicating! The city was definitely on it's best behavior this fine Spring day. I took several photos today, but the two below are among my favorites!

I hope you had a great day. If you ever get the chance to visit New York City in the Spring, please do! You'll love it!

Today is day 24 of NaBloPoMo and I'm barely getting this post in while it's still day 24... but I've done it! 24 straight days of blogging. I've almost reached my goal!